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Why can’t I log into the Author Portal
– Currently, we’re kind of picky about which Authors make the final cut on our site… so you have to get approved as an author before the sign up will work for you. Send us an email with a link to your work and then we can talk!
I signed up as an author, and now I can’t log in as a reader- where are the books I’m reading?
– The short answer is that they’re under the “My Books” tab inside of the “Author Portal”. Once you are an author on the site, you will always log in as an author- so you won’t be able to log into the Machine as a reader anymore. But have no fear- you can still read to your heart’s content.
What are the requirements to let people read my book on Myth Machine?
First, your book needs to be amazing!
Your book needs to be “Sale Ready”- meaning that is written, edited, formatted for the major readers, cover art completed and ready to sell.
You need to have the rights to sell your book. You don’t need to have an agent or be published, and its fine if you do- as long as your agreements allow you to put the book on Myth Machine.
Last- you need to be approved by our editors as a book that fits on Myth Machine.

How do I submit a book for review to be on Myth Machine?
– In the contact us form on the website, send us a BRIEF description of your book (1,000 words or less) with links to your website if you have one. (Sometimes being brief is a challenge for us writers!) We will review your information and reach out to you if we think there is a fit.
What are the requirements for Myth Machine to be the Publisher of my book?
Once in a blue moon, we find a book that is such a perfect fit that we partner with that writer to build a Machine around their book- including our social media spiderweb, fandoms, merchandise and our multi touch advertising strategy. Its the whole enchilada.
First, your book needs to be really, really amazing!
Your book needs to include the building blocks for a rabid fandom- think Star Wars, Harry Potter or Secrets of Moldara.
You need to be ready to be the next big thing.
Its cool if you have an agent, and it might be cool if you have a publishing deal (depending if the publisher plays well with others)
Last- our entire team needs to read your book and fall in love with your world.
As an author on the site, how do I set up a fandom around my book?
– Coming soon, you will be able to create a custom fandom page that connects your book with your social pages, merchandise, and other awesome connections to your world. Watch for the email when this feature goes live.
How do I become a blog writer for Myth Machine?
– Want to have your amazing work read by thousands of daily visitors? Send us a message on the “Contact Us” form and let us know about your mad skills as a blogger. Include a link to your writing and if we love it, we will get in touch with you!
How to submit a blog article?
Once you are approved as an official Myth Machine Blogger, you can submit your blogs through the Author Portal. Look for the link that says “Blogs” and follow the instructions on the page. When you hit publish, it will go to our team to see if it exceeds our standard of awesomeness.
How to get my blog accepted?
– We don’t let just anyone publish on the Machine. Our filter blocks everything except AMAZING. Once you have clicked “Publish” in the Author portal, our team will give your blog a good read. If we love it, you will see it published on the site. If it was less than our high-and-mighty-expectations, your blog will die a quiet death somewhere in the archives of the unpublished.
My blog was accepted- how do I increase reach?
The best way to increase the reach of your blog is to SHARE IT. Post it to your other social pages. Get your friends and family to post it to their social pages. You’ll be surprised at how far and wide your writings are spread by a little simple sharing.
Write a lot for the blog. As people love your whit and style, they will look for more of it. (And they will want to read your book- that is referenced in your blog!)
Write about HOT TOPICS. Write about what people are blabbing about on social media. Write about TV SHOWS and MOVIES that are getting their ten seconds in the spotlight.
Remind people (in cheeky and non-pushy ways) about how the highest form of appreciation is when they share your writing.
How do I bookmark a book?
Tear off a scrap of paper- ANY PIECE OF PAPER YOU CAN FIND- and stick it in the book.
Or you can click the little rectangular looking thing with a triangle cut out of the bottom. You’ll see it at the top of the reader page on both the desktop and mobile.
BEWARE- You have to be registered on Myth Machine in order to bookmark the page you just read. OTHERWISE you will have to slowly and laboriously click your way back to where you left off. (This was designed by an evil marketing genius as a way to get you to sign up on our website. Sorry. We had to figure out some way to get you to join our little family…)
You can find all your wonderfully bookmarked books inside of the Reader Portal (or the Author Portal if you are a writer on our site).
ALSO BEWARE- if you un-bookmark a book, it will no longer show up in your Reader Portal. So just make sure as you fall asleep reading at 2am, that your finger doesn’t accidentally un-bookmark the story just as it was getting good.
What is My Avatar?
– This is a feature that is currently under construction, but it will be really fun. It will let you customize your own reader avatar that matches your personality and that “grows” and “evolves” the more books you read on Myth Machine. Stay tuned. It is bound to make reading a great story even funner!
How do I sign up as an Author and/or Blogger?
Since we’re kind of picky about what kind of books are available on Myth Machine, you currently must be approved as an author or blogger on our site. Reach out to us on the Contact Us page.
Include a link to your amazing writing and if we love it, we will get in touch with you!
How do I sign up as a Reader?
As you may have figured out, you can read to your heart’s delight without signing up as an official reader. But in order to bookmark where you left off, you need to register.
There is a link up at the top of the page that says “Sign Up”. Click that link and you can use your email or your social media login to register.
How does this site work? How can the books be free?
– Books don’t just write themselves. A real person who eats food, wears shoes and has a real rent payment wrote that book. He or she wrote it because they had to. The story was so real in their heart and mind that it had to get out. And they dream just like you and me of being able to quit their day job and do more of what they love. If you want more of the stories that make your world make sense, you need to help them write more books for you! Advertisers are willing to pay a fraction of a penny every time their ad shows up as you read. Myth Machine shares that fraction of a penny with the writer who gave their entire life so you could read their book for free. So if you really love that book, pony up the $11 bucks and liberate your new favorite author from their day job. Or at the very least, read their book on Myth Machine so they get your thanks in the form of real pennies.
How much does the author earn when I read a book for free (with ads)?
Myth Machine does a profit share with the authors on our site. The amount varies depending on the time of year- For example, the last four months of the year are the best because so many companies are competing to get you to buy their trinkets as stocking stuffers. Then ad rates drop for a few months as people pay off their credit cards they used for those trinkets.
Think of us as a COOP where everyone has a vested interest. The more readers we get on Myth Machine, the better the ad rates, and the more the authors share in the profits. Then the authors quit their day jobs and write more amazing books, and you get to escape into more fantasy worlds.
The author makes the most when you buy their book. So if you really love the world they have created, thank them with your wallet. And they will thank you with Book 2.
Ad blockers- why can’t I read a book without disabling my ad blockers?
– Myth Machine does a profit share with the authors on our site so you can read their books for free. But the only way we earn those greedy profits is from advertisers who want to sell you stuff. But if you have an ad-blocker, they won’t pay us, and our writers have to stay at their day jobs, and there won’t be any free books to read 🙂 So if you want to read the books here and support the authors you love so much, you have to disable that ad-blocker on our site. (Or you can thank the author and buy the ad-free version of the book!)
Are there ads when I buy the book?
When you purchase the book, you get several options to download an ad-free version of the book. No ads. Just words.
How do I reset my password?
– Click on the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page. I know. That was complicated.
How do I setup my profile?
Click on the sign up link at the top right side of the page. Fill in the blanks. Click “Sign Up”. Then, if you’re that kind of person, click on the link to add a profile pic so you know what you look like while you’re reading for free.

How do I request that a book be added to your website so I can read it for free (with ads)?
If there is a book you’d like to see on our site, use the “Contact Us” form to let us know about it.
But much more important- reach out to the author of the book on their social media sites and website and tell them you want to see their book on Myth Machine. It means a lot more coming from you than from us.
Non-fiction- Will you ever have non-fiction books on Myth Machine?
Yes. We started Myth Machine with fiction fantasy books because these are the kind of books we love to read. But stay tuned. We will eventually have more boring and stuffy books on here too.
Can I refer a writer?
Yes. Use the “Contact Us” form on the site and let us know about the author you think deserves to be part of the Machine.
But more importantly, reach out to that author and tell them how great our platform is. They can submit their work and we will give it a good look.
What is a Fandom?
A KINGDOM OF FANS. That’s what a fandom is. Its where rabid, irrational, super-fans geek out about all things that have to do with the pretend worlds that make their real world seem meaningful. Sounds fun, huh!
How do I suggest a Fandom?
– Inside the “Explore Fandoms” portal, there is a special link designated for super-fans to let us know about unexplored worlds that warrant a link on Myth Machine. That link is titled: “Suggest a Fandom”.
Where do I find the books I’ve purchased?
– Any books you have purchased are located inside of your Reader or Author portal. There is a separate carousel of books you have purchased.
How many times can I download a purchase?
Three times. If you haven’t figured out how to read it after three downloads, then there is something else wrong that we should discuss privately.
More than three times and you’ve shared the link with all of your friends on social media who are too cheap to read the free version of the book on Myth Machine. If they’re that cheap, they’re not really your friends 🙂