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Today’s world is proof that we need better stories. This is the end of the big corporations dispensing media from on high while us fans scramble to show our devotion in isolated pockets. New, diverse voices are sharing vital characters, primed to reshape how each of us engage with each other, and then being lost in the noise of a diluted and outdated industry. It was one of the biggest wastes of our generation, until the creation of Myth Machine.

Now Myth finally masters the Machine in this dynamic collaboration between storytellers and their fans. Discover new books, meet other fans, promote your fan art, share your fan fiction, or publish with us and start a new fandom for us to rally around. This is where the stories we love brings us back together to imagine and a create Myth we can all be proud of.

our team

Jennie Komp

Jennie Komp

Managing Director

Visionary Workhorse

Jennie has been taking apart stories, to see what makes them connect with people, for over 20 years. Her extensive background in live theater productions and new start ups finally came together at her first writing conference, where she saw the industry disconnect between authors and their fans. Myth Machine is the next evolution of a publishing concept that’s she’s been developing for the past 4 years. As a development editor in her own right, Jennie bridges that elusive gap between art and business, leading the Myth Machine team through every stage of growth. Connecting fans to more of what they love, bringing that community together with fresh stories in the digital realm as well as our daily life, is what she lives for.

Tony Litster

Tony Litster

Director of Growth

Business Softy

Tony has been a serial entrepreneur since the sixth grade when he got busted for selling hundreds of packs of Big Red gum to his classmates. The cinnamon in the air was too much for his teacher.

In college, he opened a mattress store, which led to investing in real estate. He has built companies ranging from furniture stores to real estate investments and seminars to digital products that have reached people in dozens of countries. Tony spent over a decade mentoring and consulting business owners ranging from a billionaire to start up businesses. He recently helped build and sell a website that reached over 100,000 visitors a day. This combination of brick and mortar business experience combined with the digital world brings a unique perspective to Myth Machine.

As an author himself, Tony is passionate about helping other writers actually reach their super-fans.
Don’t let the stuffy picture mislead you. When he’s not at his desk, Tony can be found growing a beard and causing all kinds of mischief with his wife and their five children where they live in the in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest near the Canadian border.

Mike Stanzyk

Mike Stanzyk

Director of Marketing

Resident Millennial

Mike is an Online Marketing Consultant who has spent the last 5 years perfecting the BASICS of how to create a successful business online. He has worked in over 10 different online niches from green supplements to real estate. When he saw how underrepresented and disconnected great books and their fans are in the digital realm he was eager to take on the role of Marketing Director for Myth Machine. Mike’s authentic enthusiasm keeps the team fired up as he brings the latest in social media connecting to the table.

David Komp

David Komp

Director of Fandom Development

Onsite Realist

Every company needs a “no nonsense” member of the team who is all about getting the job done. That’s David. Born and raised in Houston, Texas he’s the 4th generation of pioneering business owners. David brings nearly 10 years in the marketing and promotional products industry and 8 years in management, where he polished his talent for connecting and get the best out of those he manages and works with. His now thrives with the Myth Machine social media team and executive team. As a bonus, he also writes some of our blog posts when he has the itch. His unique perspective allows for a lot more snark and humor into his posts.

David enjoys spending his time with his wife Jennie and their two dogs Reggie and Sammie. He enjoys honing his cooking skills and trying new techniques. He loves traveling and looks forward to more international travel with Jennie.